My interest in alchemy came from a dream I had as a five year old; a king was being dismembered and ground up with a mortar and pestle.  When I read the tale of the Alexandrian alchemists and saw my dream in a third century text, the study of alchemy became my obsession. The alchemists were not simply chemists; they developed a symbolic language to describe psychological transformation in a time before psychoanalysis. In the most general way, alchemy has to do with incarnation, bringing spirit into matter.  Alchemy is a way of projecting psychological material onto matter. The circulatio means that the process is circular.  In a person’s life there will be periods of depression, suffering, knowledge, etc. that will reoccur. The alchemist embraced the dark as well as the light and by bringing the opposites together, created a new third path.

Ovum Philosophorum

Detail of artist working on The Death of My Father

Alchemical Works

The Pfaueninsel Project

Ann with The Ruby Glass, Galerie Zero, Berlin 2008

The Death and Transformation of the Monkey King